FYI Recommends – What’s to Eat?

Karachi’s food map is constantly expanding and diversifying. While we love most of the new restaurants and cafes that have made eating out more enjoyable, albeit expensive, there are a few things we dislike too. Food writer and blogger, Feast Karachi picks a list of favourites to try out, if you haven’t already.

Ala Rasi

This newly opened restaurant is serving Afghani, Turkish, Arabic and Lebanese cuisines which certainly sound mouthwateringly delicious when you’re reading their extensive menu but this eatery has nevertheless been getting quite a few mixed reviews. Some dishes like the Platters are a bit small to be shared between a few people and if you are paying such a hefty amount, you’d want a more hearty serving. Having said that, I did enjoy the Middle Eastern ambiance and some of my favorite dishes included the Foot Long Kabab which was extremely tender and juicy and the Afghani Mutton Chops which were quite palatable.

The Melt

The Melt is a new burger joint that bears resemblance to the popular fast food chain, Shake Shack. On the whole though, The Melt is original in its flavors to some extent, and has seized the opportunity to cash in on Karachi’s latest obsession with different ways to eat cheese by making some enormous burgers with juicy patties smothered in melted cheese right in front of you! The burger called “The Melt” has definitely stood out amongst the innumerable types of burgers with some quality ingredients like Beef Bacon. The Melt is definitely worth your time.

Easy By Fatsos

This “friendly carb factory” is serving up some delicious food that I devoured instantaneously and it is definitely one place that I will be visiting frequently. While it is rather early to determine whether this eatery is going to be a hit or a miss, I can say with certainty that this place has some amazing donuts and hot dogs that will have your taste buds craving for more! The only downside is that their tasty food items finish up very quickly and the sitting area is quite small. Nonetheless, I’m going back for donuts and carbs in the form of other lip-smacking foods that these guys are serving.


Barcelos is a recent addition to the Afro-Portuguese food scene in Karachi that does deserve to be visited at least once so that we can compare it to the other similar eateries that serve PeriPeri Flame Grilled Chicken. If the mention of PeriPeri Chicken hasn’t caught your attention then you would probably be more interested in trying out their Mushroom Melt Burger that will knock your socks off if correctly paired with those super Cheesy Skillet Fries. I think it’s safe to say that Barcelos could surely be worth your time this month (and the next one) if you try some of their burgers along with the other dishes they have to offer.

The F’ Word

Opened by fitness gurus, Nusrat Hidayatullah and Torsam Tajik, of the 42 Day Challenge, this new healthy eatery has become a regular hotspot for fitness enthusiasts that want to explore different flavor combinations for reasonable prices. Their ‘fit desserts’ include delicious Keto Cookies that are easy on the pocket and the calories! The unique flavor combinations in their salads deserve a special mention and I was particularly fond of their Strawberry and Seaweed Salad and the Roasted Pumpkin Wrap that is filling and not over-the-top expensive!


This Lebanese restaurant has opened at a time when we had just about given up on Lebanese cuisine because of the unauthentic and overpriced restaurants that claimed to serve us the best of the best. Zaatar’s menu is a breath of fresh air as it offers dishes that are truly Lebanese and not modified desi versions of the dishes. Their Family Platter has juicy kababs, pickled vegetables and delicious meats that’ll have you licking your fingers. What is worth a mention is that they do not use any canned or preserved ingredients and everything is said to be made fresh. The hot and cold mezzes will actually fill you up completely before moving on to the Main courses as they are quite reasonably priced, rich in flavor and enough for 2-3 people. The must try dishes include the Hummus, Arayes and Jawaneh Kusbara which are chicken lollipops that you will most certainly not want to share!

Editor’s Pick – And now here are the top recommendations from our very own in-house foodie team!


Easily serving some of the best pizza around, as well as the most flavourful Fettucini Alfredo. The Burrata is also excellent and the prices are reasonably easy on the pocket. Try it out!


Steak CFU

Getting a table is genuinely a thing of torture. Once you’re in though, the meat platter is an absolute delight. The seafood platter is a close second, but the chicken one is comparatively underwhelming.