FYI’s Top Netflix Recommendations

What’s On & Why We Love It

Stranger Things

Make no mistake – if you still haven’t seen the absolutely brilliant Stranger Things, you are to be taken to task for it. A series that rewards on so many levels – whether you’re reliving your 80’s nostalgia, or investing in those seemingly untouchable bonds of childhood friendships. Or indeed, whether you’re simply in it for the deepening and never boring mystery arc, Stranger Things has it all. Binge-watch both seasons to see exactly why it has become such a pop culture sensation.

Bojack Horseman

This show hits you right where it hurts. But it also gets you. and moves you in ways you didn’t see coming. The absurd surrealism is counter balanced by some of the finest wit in TV these days, coupled with a sharp, no holds barred look at contemporary life, career and relationships. Easily the best animated series around these days.


The Marvel Universe

Sure, Iron Fist and Luke Cage did not turn out to be as engaging as Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and The Defenders still seems like a work in progress. But. And here’s the thing. The overall arcs are strong enough to keep warranting a watch and sticking it through with this universe. Not to mention that certain seasons of both aforementioned series remain some of the most satisfying seasons of television in a while. Add The Punisher to this, and you’ve easily got your next summer binge watch ready.

The Crown

Even if you’re not a period drama fan, this is a must watch. It’s a rich, intimate look at one of the most famous and fascinating families we have come to feel as if we know and love – and love to hate. Or, simply marvel at their very existence. Mock them or question them – you can’t ignore the British monarchy and its intriguing history. The Crown reminds you exactly why that is.


Black Mirror

Twilight Zone for the millennials – that’s one way to look at it but the series is actually so much more. Quite literally a darker, more disturbing, and totally plausible reflection of our not too distant future – Black Mirror is both evocative and provocative viewing.



The Simpsons meets Futurama would be a simplistic breakdown of this new series by animated TV royalty, Matt Greoning. But then, is that really such a terrible thing? And if you stick out the first five episodes or so, you’ll discover it is so much more even. The gradually building arc for one thing, is a genuinely interesting thing to ponder over, by the time you’re done with season one.  The characters have been almost fully realized by that point too, so you can really find yourself getting invested. All in.

Ugly Delicious

This cultural, sociological, and culinary trip down memory lane of some of the world’s most popular food, is an absolute delight to watch. It’s fun, engaging and genuinely informative without ever getting boring. Don’t dismiss it as ‘just a food show.’ Not that those aren’t some of the best nonfiction programming around today.


Dave Chappelle

He’s not everyone’s cup of comedy tea, but he’ll push you and pull you in all the right directions to make you wonder whether he should be. A deeply personal account of life, loss, regret and current trends that make up our socio-cultural society -give it a try on that odd night where you don’t particularly feel as if you want to watch something you actually like. You might just end up genuinely engaged, more than you realize.