Pop Culture Pet Peeves

Can we quit it with the ‘slaying’ already?

If you’re on Instagram, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about.

…So and so #slays in this outfit…

…Celebrity X #slaying in Designer Y…

No. Just stop. Not everyone is slaying all the time and certainly not in the ridiculous attires in the images that are put up. We wish bloggers would switch things up a bit instead of merely copy/pasting from the press releases sent out by PR agencies. And they could begin by retiring #slays

 Ads with a side of a Match

For those of us who have seen Cricket matches on local broadcasting channels, you will feel our pain. The over has barely finished and the onslaught of Ads descend upon us. Or a batsman has been just dismissed and only still walking back to the pavilion when the bombardment of Ads is snuck in. Now, no-one’s discounting the importance of the Ads themselves, but it would be nice to keep them where they belong – in between overs and not necessarily jumping out to us at every possible moment, sometimes during the match itself.

We already have our ‘goals’ thank you very much!

Another one for social media users… #couplegoals #relationshipgoals

Enough already!

Now, #travelgoals we can understand. But don’t be putting up pictures of random celebrity couples and in certain cases ‘celebrity’ couples and schooling us on couple goals. It’s trite, a tad condescending, not to mention, extremely annoying. Especially in those instances where we know the couple in question is anything but #goals

Uncross your arms why don’t you…

Switch on any Pakistani cooking show and you’ll notice the standard pose for our cooking experts in their show promos is this constipated, arms perpetually crossed, sour look that makes them look like they’re always angry for some reason. Now, we assume it’s to reflect some kind of air of authority but it just comes off looking bizarre.

 Stop with the Dramatics

Politics is rife with drama anyway – we definitely don’t need political shows anchors and journalists adding to that. Just observe the overdone promos for political talk shows and one would imagine the journalist or anchor is on the ultimate quest for truth, and navigating the fires of Mordor, while at it. We get it. You’re the most honest/trustworthy/integrity filled – (take your pick) of the lot. Just don’t beat us over the head with it.