Superstar Impresses!

The film has a cohesive script, well executed by the director and brought to wonderful life by a mostly very capable cast.


The most refreshing aspect of the film is that the story was given paramount importance. For the most part, every character, every development, every scene was there to service what was and ideally should always be the star of the every film – the script.


Another element in the film that worked was that although it was very romance driven, the ensemble cast actually mattered. Every character actually served a purpose. Whether it was Chutki, or Nadeem Saab’s character, or Javed Sheikh’s, or indeed Ali Kazmi’s. They weren’t just foils to Bilal Ashraf and Mahira Khan’s characters but held up on their own as well.


And it helps that almost uniformally, the supporting cast held their weight. Ali Kamzi was particularly effective, as was Javed Sheikh. And we are loving this Nadeem renaissance, because he was absolutely brilliant here. This was a role with legs and boy did he run with it. That one scene between him and Javed Sheikh was such a highlight of the film.


But none of this would have mattered if the two leads had not been able to sell us their story. And they did, in spades. Bilal and Mahirah had this effortless chemistry between them to effectively sell all the big and small moments that make a relationship worth rooting for on the big screen. So whether it was the initial days of the relationship where you just can’t stop thinking of one another, or the feeling of legitimate betrayal that comes when one person decides to unilaterally decide the course of a relationship, these two sold every single moment.


What helped was that this was easily Mahirah’s most comfortable performance. Bilal Ashraf, too has come some way since Janaan and even though he still has to fully come into his own as an actor, his screen presence and cracking chemistry here with Mahirah, really helped elevate his scenes.


There are problems in the second half of the film, which lags in parts and could have easily been edited better. But on the whole, the film is a solid effort towards producing character driven movies with a strong focus on story.


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