FYI’s YouNique Series

FYI’s YouNique Series

We feature real people with interesting jobs in unique workplaces.


This issue we speak to the dynamic duo of Production 021Muneera Valika and Amir Lakhani.

Q/- How would you describe your journey so far?

It sure has been a roller coaster ride. We started off so young so naïve and in a decade being able to fulfill what we did, was an accomplishment. We wanted to do something out of the box and after working in the industry we realized that there was a dire need for a team that would take full responsibility of backstage and that’s how the idea came about. Need, along with the scarcity of resources got us to where we are, making us the pioneers of backstage management in Pakistan.

Q/- As compared to earlier years, do you feel there is a change in how you approach your projects? 

Over the years, our scope of services have changed we have evolved from just being backstage managers to overall event architects and managers. We now have specific departments with jobs delegated accordingly. Also we have added the element of analyzing our services post event in order to keep a check in balance and to see where we are lacking and then implementing it for our future events, which is a game changer.

Q/- What would you say remains the biggest challenge in your line of work?

We honestly welcome challenges so therefore saying a certain issue has been our greatest challenge would be unfair. However we do feel that as a nation we aren’t technologically advanced and being able to execute client briefing in accordance with international standards is quite irksome.

Q/- How important is it to have a good team working with you?

Since it’s very true to our core principles, we abide by it religiously and we believe it’s extremely crucial to have not only a good but a competent team working for us. Keeping in mind our ideology, we empower individuals within our team and that’s what has helped us move ahead.

Q/- What does success mean to you? Do you believe there is a universal benchmark or do we set our own standards of success?

Success in itself is such a broad term and no we definitely do not believe there is a universal benchmark. What you may consider as the pre requisites of being successful doesn’t necessarily mean will be the same for another individual or the company as a whole. We strive to do better every day and if we’re able to outdo our own work then we would consider that to be a definite success.

Q/- Do you find the line between professional and personal can sometimes blur in the field of media?

Since we’re both married and running the business together it’s true to both of us, it sometimes does tend to blur however us as a company with respect to others within the same industry not so very much. When it comes to work, everybody is strictly professional.

Q/- What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?

The nature of our business is providing services and the key to this business is client satisfaction. The fact that not only do we satisfy them but we are also able to maintain this continued affiliation is the most rewarding aspect of our work.

Q/- In your opinion, what is the USP that helps Production 021 stand tall among its contemporaries?

In our opinion, our USP would be the fact that along with the entire management of the event that we do take care of, we strategically lay out the nitty gritties of every event for our clients so we’re prepared beforehand as to what we can anticipate at the event along with contingency plans in order to cope up with any unforeseen circumstances. Also we don’t have a typical corporate structure and we believe that this has enabled us to bring out the best. Also adding to this is the fact that we are constantly altering our methods to suit the ever-evolving times. Apart from that we believe in giving fresh graduates and talented individuals who have what it takes a chance, we aren’t biased in that manner which clearly sets us apart from our contemporaries.