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In Conversation with Sidra Iqbal

Editor-in-Chief, Batool Mehdi sat down with renowned Media Personality Sidra Iqbal to talk all things popular culture, politics, and female empowerment.

Choice and Female Empowerment – Why the Controversy?

Choice. It’s such a simple word, rolled so easily off the tongue and yet here we are. In 2015, debating about it. Championing it. Lamenting its loss on the lives of so many.

 So why has choice become such a complicated word?

FYI’s Moments of 2016 (So Far)

 We look back at a half yearly report of all the various moments in 2016 that defined the year in some way or the other. 

Cocaine Fest

FYI explores the irony of how unlike their urban counterparts in several other parts of the world, who are rejecting cocaine as a choice of social drug, young 20/30 some things in Karachi are turning increasingly.

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FYI's Eye On

FYI brings you the latest happenings from around your city.

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